• Your Customer Service Agent communicates with the OEM Dealer Technician to identify the quality issue. Through the OEM system we are able to contact the OEM Dealer Technician to review the issue and identify a timely solution. All while allowing you to stay informed through our daily reporting.

  • The CSA will review the customer (OEM) portal daily identifying any new claims

  • If a concern exists, a call is made to the Dealer Technician to investigate the cause of the issue

  • This may involve travel to the OEM Dealership

  • The CSA will then determine if the claim involves collateral/line damage and gather additional evidence or pictures from the field

  • The CSA will then use the information to identify, work and communicate a suitable solution to the Supplier Engineer

  • All information is logged, organized and broken down in a matrix that provides YTD and weekly claim details and updates to the supplier.


  • Optimization of time and cost of quality personnel

  • Coordination and committed assistance

  • Detailed and timely reporting on claim updates

  • Matrix of all claims with information provided by the dealer technician

  • Breakdown of information YTD and weekly

  • Executive Warranty presentations  by OEM needs 

  • Investigation and fault analysis of claims

  • Allows the supplier to reach out to dealers and be a part of issues resolutions.


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